Comic Review: Deadpool #300

The Marvel Universe Kills Deadpool, Part 4.(Parental Advisory)

Moving into my next Marvel milestone issue of Despicable Deadpool #300, this book is a barrel of laughs from beginning to about midway. Continue reading “Comic Review: Deadpool #300”


Comic Review: The Curse Of Brimestone #2

This Fire is Quenched & Dropped.

Starting in Issue 2, after the event of the issue-1 we return to the Chamberlain residence after Joe’s deal with The Salesman.
It explores of other areas similar to York Hills, that hardly get any traffic or tourism, this story has fallen short, we have The Hound from issue 1 return to face Brimestone, whilst attacking the only Members of his Family.
Continue reading “Comic Review: The Curse Of Brimestone #2”

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