4th Week Of May Pull List

Batman Beyond #20
Detective Comics #981
Justice League: No Justice #3
Mera #4
Super Sons #16 (seems a little early for it thought it was on last week of May)
The Teriffics #4

Trade Paperbacks

Justice League Vs Suicide Squad.


If anyone would like me to review anything in this list, that I don’t cover, inform me by comments, or a comic not in the list, that you would like me to review.

Lets Keep It Colorful.


Comic Review: The Mighty Thor:At The Gates Of Valhalla #1 (LCS choice for review)

A Step Into The Unknown.

Before I begin this review, I would like to thank my Local Comic Store for fulfilling a request I asked of them to find a different comic to put into my Pull List to review.
To be Honest, I have never read any Jason Aaron stories in comics, among my friends in the comics community online, I have heard good response. Continue reading “Comic Review: The Mighty Thor:At The Gates Of Valhalla #1 (LCS choice for review)”

3rd Week Of May 2018 Pull List

  • Justice League: No Justice #2
  • Mister Miracle #9 (been delayed)

Trade Paperbacks

  • Sex Criminals Vol 3
  • DC Rebirth Wonder Woman Vol 2

& By my request expecting a different comic to show up in my Pull List, that I’ll be reviewing in The Rainbow Press of the Main Local Comic Store I Go to.
So it will be interesting into what they will pick for a review.

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