Anime Review:Dororo(Eps 1-12)

Enter Dororo & Hyakkimaru

  • Ep1:With dark beginnings come small mercies as the Lord of the land, has given up hope, that he offers his 1st born child to the demonic deitiesĀ  of the land.
  • Ep2:Dororo & Hyakkimaru are making there travels around the land, Dororo helps Hyakkimaru out with someĀ  things in his journey to which Dororo finally learns of Hyakkimaru’s name.
  • Ep3:Within this episode we learn a little bit more about a doctor who makes prosthetic limbs to help those who come to him.
  • Ep4:Dororo & Hyakkimaru encounter someone who claim they are a carrying a cursed sword, which craves blood.
  • Ep5:Hyakkimaru has regained his sense of hearing after his last encounter, his journey continues with Dororo, who along with a Priest they have met on their journey, make things more tolerable.
  • Ep6:Hyakkimaru has returned with the priest after a battle with a Demon, Dororo shows worry towards him, tries to help out where he can.

  • Ep7:Dororo & Hyakkimaru are taking a path into the next town as they encounter another Demon along the road.
  • Ep8:Dororo & Hyakkimaru encounter a Bridal parade of a different kind, then going out of their way to investigate more about it.
  • Ep9:With Dororo feinting Hyakkimaru has to go out of his way to try to help him regain conscienceless.
  • Ep10:This episode explores the brother of Hyakkimaru by the name of Tohomaru.
  • Ep11:Dororo & Hyakkimaru have made their 1st encounter with Tohomaru the brother of Hyakkimaru who is still trying to connect the dots to things that happened in the past.
  • Ep12:An Unexpected Reunion between Dad & Son occurs when Dororo & Hyakkimaru are onto a new mission to defeat a new demon.


This story of Osama Tezukas has been amazing in to watch the main characters who are Dororo, who you learn more about their past in later episodes & then we have Hyakkimaru who is almost like an abandoned prince, due to harsh circumstances around his birth & oaths made to demons affected him physically & spiritually done by his father.

Each episode for the 1st half of this series has something different to other to add either to the Main Characters or to add to the world.

Now it’s time for me to catch up with the last 12 episodes to this series of Dororo, I recommend you definitely go check it out.


  • Main Characters:8/10
  • Supporting Characters:7.8/10
  • Animation:8/10
  • Story:8/10

Big Thanks to Osama Tezuka

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