Anime Review:The Rising Of The Shield Hero (Eps 5-8)

The Heavenly Fowl

In Episodes 5-8 we see Naofumi return to where he 1st picked up Raphtalia, after the events of that happened at the Tournament against the Spear Hero, who has now been called out for allowing someone who serves under him to interfere with the Tournament with Magic, with the money taken as a reward, Raphtalia asks to get the seal replaced back onto her by her own Decision to Naofumi, as it has become her symbol of freedom working with Naofumi, as this occurs the Slave Merchant also offers them an Egg to which could birth into a Dragon or a Bird.

As the Story continues into the next episodes we see the Egg has hatched into a Bird, an gets called Filo, as Naofumi returns to a village he has been to before, to get Filo some specialized clothing to which he is led to the right direction to get the materials the seller requires, this opens up the area of trading within other Villagers including the transfer of medicines to help the people, moving into the 2nd last episode of the next 4 episodes, Naofumi encounters a village to where plants have overrun the village as well to affecting the living conditions, Naofumi fights through the vines to reach the key plant causing havoc in the region, and develops an agricultural cure, The last episode starts to explore on the undercurrent of hate that boiled up in Naofumi in episode 4 in the series, where he felt like giving up, with the conditions of the place he has visited, the corpse of a dead dragon has affected the people & become a bit a tourist attraction, in the process of the scenario the Shield he carries opens up another option to which he can overcome the villain, as we see Raphtalia from all her training become strong enough to help Naofumi out of small bout of depression.

Personal Note:Watching Naofumi grow in this series as well as his support cast, has been quite interesting, going from episode 4 to where we began to see him break from all the pressure of the events, to episode 8 to where the pressure is starting to feel like its too much for him, the way the supporting characters around him both in the villagers he went to, as well as Filo & Raphtalia, he is going out of his way to make the most around him, Raphtalia is really beginning to shine in this series, moreso than Myne(The Spoilt little rich girl), also seeing the appearance of group working on behind the scenes that sides with the Shield Hero, I really want to learn who they are & who they work for.


  • Characters:7.5/10
  • Animation:7.5/10
  • Story:8.5/10

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