Comic News:Spoiler Alert (Brian Michael Bendis)

If you can do this in Young Justice, you can do it in the rest of your DC titles.

To start off out of curiosity, I chose to pick up a copy of Young Justice issue 2 by Brian Michael Bendis, yes I had heard of some reviews of people who didn’t enjoy it that much & that is understandable, yes they pointed out the things they didn’t like, as well as the things they did like, which highest praise was around the early Tim Drake(Robin) scene with Amethyst & the horse he was riding.

To my suprize Bendis had also included some goodies in here which stand out in a Good Comic.

  • Persons(Cast Of Characters)
  • Places(Locations)
  • Time(when it occurred)
  • References to other comics help too the reader understand when a certain event happens.

Here are the Images to show the points

Reference to other comics to help the reader understand where it occurs.

Keep this up Brian Michael Bendis consistently in the DC titles you are working on, your comic lines will be revived back onto my Comic Pull List, sure I’m still upset with what you have done with Jon Samuel Kent(Superboy), this here is what helps to sell comics to customers, plus added bonuses by remembering to reference other comics you got your information from, the characters do indeed need some polishing up, to match previous iterations of their personality, at least this will give the reader an idea of where to go to learn more about other characters in the DC Universe.

Big Thanks to My LCS, to where I obtained a copy of this & a Big Thanks to Brian Michael Bendis to remembering to have this turn up in your comic, see a little editing doesn’t hurt to have, this is genuine thankyou from me to you, you are on the road to happy customers & fans at this rate.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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