Comic Review:Daredevil (2019) #01 (LCS Choice for review)

Local Comic Store Choice review.

Know Fear Part 1

This issue begins in a bar to which we meet up with Matt Murdock, with an unknown woman, to which she comments not knowing that he is actually Blind, an takes us into a scene where Matt drinks some liquor with some pain killers.

Jumping into the next couple of pages, we get a flashback of a young Matt Murdock, as his Dad Jack Murdock brings him into the church to give a confession to one of the catholic priests, as he heads off to work.

Personal note:I really enjoyed this scene between Matt & the Priest, it was lacking something, being not knowing the age of the main character in this event, we are left with guess work as it takes away from the story.

Moving into the next couple of pages we return to see an older Matt Murdock who looks like he has enjoyed a one night stand, we find out the name of the woman he met in the bar is unknown, as she learns a little more about Matt’s recovery, to which he addresses her not to make his Disability of being blind her fetish, to which she responds she into men with muscles.

Jumping ahead a little further, we return to another flashback with Matt Murdock back in the church again, after losing his sight, to which we have a return of the Priest talking back with Matt Murdock, as he feels a sense of loss in losing his sight & to whether he should let go of his faith.


  • Cover:7/10
  • Art:7/10
  • Story:6.5/10 (This comic had some enjoyable parts to it, with no locations mentioned, let alone no reference as to hold old when a young Matt Murdock was in flashbacks shown, it feels like a let down compared to how well Chip Zdarsky was writing in the spider-man run he was working on last year)

Big Thanks to my LCS for choosing this to review & to Chip Zdarsky and crew at Marvel Comics.

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