Comic Review:Adventures of the Super Sons (2018) #07

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This issue begins with Joker Jr, looking through a small hole of a Solitary Cell, speaking to one of the Super Sons, the next page we get the introductory of Grundette working with Rex Luthor, as he grabs Joker Jr.

Jumping into the next pages, we get a small flashback to 1 week ago within the story we get an image of the Super Sons, plus Rex Luthor & Joker Jr, thrown against a cell wall by Tommy Tomorrow, later bought to a prison planet, because of the destruction of a Wonder Machine, they were taken captive in an earlier issue.

Returning to the Present again in the upcoming pages, we hear alot of Damian in thought bubbles in this Prison Planet, searching for Jon & Joker Jr, to finally escape the planet, Robin follows his leads to get closer to finding Joker Jr, who will lead him to Jon, whilst in his endeavors, he sees how obsessed Rex Luthor is with Earths Villains an making other species within this prison planet into copycats of Villains known to heroes on earth.

I’ll leave it there so you can discover the ending by yourself.


  • Cover:8.5/10
  • Art:9/10(really enjoyed the art in this issue, dark when it needed to be dark, light when it needed to be lighter, enjoyed seeing the personality of Rex Luthor shown within this prison planet the Super Sons are on)
  • Story:9.5/10(Loved the story, I would’ve liked to known if this prison planet had district names, which felt like it was missing, I can’t wait til this comes out in Trade, because I’m all on board)

Big Thanks to my LCS & to Peter J Tomasi and crew at DC Comics.

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