Comic Review:The Ferryman #1

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This is something that I obtained via an Indiegogo, I’m finally happy that it has turned up here in Australia, when I 1st saw the art & covers it reminded me a little bit like the lawmower man, which is a bit of an older movie that came out in the 90s, it was that which caught my attention with the story & to back it.

Now lets time to the official review of The Ferryman.

The 1st page begins with a cast introduction of the characters in the story, an tells us about the main characters within this 1st issue story, in it we meet Miles Armstrong who is a recovery agent of E-LH, then we meet the career Journalist by the name of Tara Mitnick, last but not least we meet Nakoma Akuna who works in Private Security.

The next page takes us into the year 2051 in Atlanta, to which we view a city an into the E-LH building to where a customer is asking some questions about a product he is about to buy, moving into the next page, we see he gets the procedure for the product & then proceeds home after the surgery, we meet the customers family only for a short time, jumping to the next page to which one of the customers kids finds his Dad dead & the peachtree police are called in along with recovery services.

Jumping into the next page we finally meet E-LH recovery agent Miles Armstrong to come an collect the implant of the dead customer, which also makes the reader wonder if E-LH might be responsible for giving out faulty or defective products.

Jumping ahead a few more pages we find ourselves in Damascus, Syria to which we meet our Jounalist Tara Mitnick & Nakon Akuna to which it feels like she is going to interview Amar Ahmadi, to which when they 1st enter the facility, he has riflemen set up for a secure entry and nothing to get out of hand.


  • Cover:9/10
  • Art:8.5/10
  • Story:8/10(Enjoyed the world building within this issue, as well with a lot of mystery around E-LH company an their part with the death of customers who purchase their product)

Big Thanks to Sean Campbell & his team on this 1st issue of The Ferryman.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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