Anime Review:Black Clover(eps 1-5)

I choose the Manga over the Anime.

In the watching of the 1st 5 episodes of Black Clover Anime, they tried to sell the relationship between Asta & Yuno like that of Sasuke & Naruto in a number of the scenes, it just wasn’t necessary, I do want to point out even though they tried to pull that narrative in relation to these 2 characters, the area they failed is where it showed Asta & Yuno at the steps of the church as Orphaned Infants, to which gave me the impression that these 2 would grow up in Sibling Rivalry, than Friend Vs Friend Rivalry.

The 1st 5 chapters does cover parts from the original manga from the story of the Wizard King, to the orphaned Children at the church, it does get wrong the relationship about Asta & Yuno, of course it shows the receiving of the Grimoires, like in the Manga, uses 1 episode to which cover Astas Vow with Yuno to basically to be their by each others side.

Reaching episodes 3-5 we finally approach exam time for people who got their Grimoires including Asta, Yuno is done as a show off in completing a number of tests, as Asta fails many of them, all except the Last which involves combat, to which afterwards the occupants of the event should they have succeeded would be taken in by the Magic Knights & some even the choice to choose which Magic Knight to train under, Yuno goes to the Golden Dawn, as Asta ends up with the Black Bulls.


  • Characters:6.5/10(If they kept the characters closer to thier Manga adaption, I would’ve given a higher score)
  • Animation:7.5/10
  • Story:6/10(Story consistency wouldn’t hurt to stay closer with some of the manga in relation to Yuno & Astas relationship, this isn’t Naruto, this is Black Clover, 2 completely different story environments altogether.

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