Anime Review: Boruto:Naruto Next Generations(Eps 88-92)

Ending Of The Mitsuki/Onohki Arc

In Episodes 88 to 91, we got a clash of the titans of events, with Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, Lord Ku, Kiara, Sekiei & Kokuyou, with a fights that also included Cho Cho, Inojin & Shikadai.

1 of the let down in this series, even though it is also considered Canon, alongside with the manga, is the length of this arc, there seemed to be more growth from the characters around Boruto, than Boruto himself, which is quite disappointing, as they did lose their rank of Genin, bar only for a very short time, after Onohki’s Death, which I was waiting for it to Hit home with Boruto that being a Shinobi isn’t an easy thing.

Upon their return back to the Hidden Leaf via the train, the Kage attended a funeral of Onohki, whilst the hidden leaf students returned, some things I did like in the arc was that Boruto isn’t a super complete know it all, even though he still plays that card even though he shouldn’t need to, it does turn you off from the character, is in definite need of course correction from the writers of the anime, if i wanted a know it all character I’d watch the horrible The Last Jedi & Force Awakens character Rey, we don’t need this shit.


  • Characters:7.5/10(Polish up Boruto to be not such a big know it all, have him learn from being disciplined from Naruto, the supporting cast I enjoyed as I felt their growth outshone Boruto’s)
  • Animation:7.5/10(some of the episodes needed a little cleaning up to appear for scenes, enjoyed what panned out on screen)
  • Story: 6.9/10(This story arc did drag for quite a long time, if it was done in a pattern of 3 episode arc to a 6 Episode arc, even including some longer episodes say around 40-60mins long, it could draw a bigger fanbase, plus cover more in story delivery)

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2 thoughts on “Anime Review: Boruto:Naruto Next Generations(Eps 88-92)

  1. I do think Boruto’s characterisation was something that reminds me of Naruto way before he became Hokage, which isn’t entirely a good thing. I guess a lot of people state that they didn’t like how Boruto was handled with that arc because he can get irrational and blindly trusts Mitsuki that he left the village at his own will. i don’t hate the arc as well, but not only it’s long but there are a lot of missed opportunities.


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