Comic Review:Raven: Daughter of Darkness (2018) #12 Of 12

A Dark Place

In this final issue of Raven, the issue starts with Raven giving us some of her thoughts as she watches one of her friends Skye suspended in mid air, along with the rest of her group.

Jumping into the next couple of pages, Zatara tries to intervene and help with the situation, as they learn their friend Skye who is an air elemental is also pushing them away, with the sudden reappearance of the Shadow Riders in one page, they are seeking the teams death.

Raven realizes she must return to her friend who was harmed at the beginning of the series, being Azar, as this occurs Raven quickly has to assist people in London who are being attacked by the Shadow Riders, looking to harm & kill any in their way, as she looks within Azars mind.

Raven after teleporting to London takes on the Shadow Riders, an the Trigon evil side seeks to take over her as she takes on the attackers, to her luck, she has her friends turn up in time, to help turn the tables.

I’ll leave it there, so you can check out the rest for yourself.


  • Cover:7/10
  • Art:7/10
  • Story:7.5/10

Big thanks to my LCS & to Marv Wolfman at DC Comics.

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