Comic Review:Oliver (2018) #01

Post Apocalyptic Dickens

This issue takes place in a Post Apocalyptic London, with a taste of Charles Dickens Oliver, the 1st couple of pages we see some though boxes about war, kings, infection and people within this place, we get the visual of a stranger walking in what is a Hazchem Suit, trying to keep the poison air out of their lungs, until they come across of what looks like broken down barracks, to which the soldiers take the person in, an Discover this is a mother about to give birth.

After the child is born, this post apocalyptic soldier of this barracks notices something different about the child, not seen in his own regiment, 1 of the officers wants to see the child dead, whilst 1 makes the final decision to keep the child alive. later the decision is to give the child the name of Oliver.

As the story in the next couple of pages jumps to 3 years later after Olivers birth, we see him being chased by the very person who gave him his name as the child born, Oliver runs through much of the debris to jumping building to building like he has mastered parkour, to where eventually meet back up with the Officer of the barracks, an returns something that didn’t belong to him.

The art captures the detail of how far this world has fallen, it certainly leaves a mystery as to what is really special about the main character of Oliver, the story returns an we get a backstory about how these soldiers came about, an that the truth is withheld from Oliver about his past.

I’ll leave it there for now, so if its something you’d like to spoil yourself with, check it out.


  • Cover:7/10
  • Art:7.5/10
  • Story:6/10(I’m definitely interested in seeing how this story re adaption of Oliver will work out in this setting, the world building definitely the prize in this 1st issue)

Big thanks to my LCS & to Gary Whitta and team at Image Comics.

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