Anime Review:The Rising Of The Shield Hero (Eps 1-4)

Accused To Redeemed(Episodes 1-4)

This anime series is unlike anything I have seen before as we start in the footsteps of Naofumi who we learn has a younger brother, that he sees as a bit of pain from his own thoughts, to which his journey takes him to a Library within his Vicinity.

Curiosity gets the best of him, when he comes across a book of unknown origin & begins to read it, leading the book transporting him & others to a new location to the world that bought the book to him.

As we look upon the other chosen new protectors of this land, to which he learns he is now apart of, they carry a Spear, a Bow, a Sword & last but not least, he is left with a Shield to use, to which the other chosen protectors for this land look down on him because they see him as a weak choice as a protector.

They receive their money from the hierarchy of this land, to which appears in focus that it is headed by male figures, is far from it, in regards to female influence in this palace, they receive a certain amount of Gold, as well as people to help protect these lands from attack, and our Shield hero, ends up with none, underhandedly 1 of the members decides to take advantage of Naofumi of his naivety, only to end up later on to be accused falsely of something he never did.

As we carry over to the next chapter Naofumi is basically left to fend for himself, in the process proceeds to take an option he didn’t expect to take, to purchase & train up a slave to help protect him in the 1st wave of unnatural beasts set to turn up in an unknown amount of time, her name is Raphtalia who is a demi-human and a species that is discriminated against by the hierarchy of the Land to which Naofumi is present in, in the process Raphtalia learns to overcome her own fears become as strong as her mentor who is the shield Hero.

Jumping into the 3rd episode its time for the 1st big wave of demonic type beasts to invade the land from above, as this is happening the other heroes with their weapons basically abandon Naofumi once again, as he tries to defend the land, only to notice a village is under threat, taking Raphtalia with him to protect the people, many of the people are thankful an the palace guard are finally sent through, as some ignore the shield hero, some choose to stay behind & help him.

Moving into the 4th episode after the end of the 1st wave, a banquet is held in honor of the heroes 1st defeat of the 1st wave, Raphtalia enjoys the feast, as Naofumi turns it down, until she convinces him to eat something, only to be challenged by the hero carrying the spear to a duel.

The duel happens in a huge courtyard prepared for this type of event, with his string of bad luck, things begin to weigh down on him, as he wins against his opponent who has the accuser as his sidekick from the beginning.

I’ll leave it their for now so you can go check it out yourself.

  • Characters:8.5/10(the characters including supporting cast are quite interesting, especially when it comes to learning some of the backstory in the series.
  • Animation:8/10(wasn’t much wrong with the animation, story may come off as a slow burn, episode 1 gives you alot to take in about the world which is a great start)
  • Story:8.5/10(The story though interesting, isn’t a new idea, a well adapted old idea placed into a fresh setting)

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