Comic Review:Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2018) #02

Journal Of Miles Morales

In in this issue of miles Morales Spider-Man by Saladin Ahmed, we were returned where we left off still hearing miles talking to us by his journal and get a picture of the events of what just happened.

Miles Morales speaks to rhino who is still trying to find out what happened to his niece as miles Morales is trying to figure out why one of his girlfriends new friends Eduardo seems to be a part of a new villain syndicate.

As we jump ahead a little bit further in the pages we return with miles Morales at the Brooklyn visions academy to which we go through his day and classes, an after school he goes to catch up with his girlfriend Barbara to which she explains that Eduardo has gone missing, before miles returns to catching up with rhino he catches up with some of these school buddies.

A couple of pages later on we finally see miles Morales Spider-Man catch up with rhino and make him to help investigation what happened to rhino’s niece and to Eduardo.

I’ll leave it there for now, but I really like to add that I really enjoyed this second issue by Saladin Ahmed.


Story:8.9/10(I’m personally enjoying this journal method used with Miles Morales as Spider-Man by Saladin Ahmed, as it makes me feel the life of the character, plus some of his struggles, I’m really wanting this series to come out 2 times a month)

Big Thanks to my LCS & to Saladin Ahmed at Marvel with his team.

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