Comic Review:Young Justice (2019) #01

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Seven Crisis

To start off, this issue of Wonder Comics, Young Justice has had some amazing covers come out.

This issue begins on an unknown planet which should have been covered in the editing, as we encounter a discussion about earth between a ruler again who is unknown and what looks to be a soldier.

Moving into the next couple of pages we have been brought into the area of Metropolis, to which we meet one of our first members within this young Justice cast being Jinny Hex, she has been pulled over by a police officer and until and unexpected and unknown event causes her to pull the officer out of the way to which we encounter people from The twelve kingdoms of Gemworld, one small but annoying bad thing I’d like to point out is some of the overlap in the speech bubbles.

As we approach further pages we get a small flashback between Tim Drake and Wonder Girl to the appearance of Bart Allan, Impulse, as they fight off hoards of an unknown race, Wonder girl turns up along with the Teen Lantern.

That’ll be enough for now but should you find it interesting, go to your local comic store and check it out yourself.


Story:5/10(Is this meant to be Wonder Comics or Woke Comics? Because the Harry Potter references are a bit of a turn off & take away from the story, the cast introduction was Gold to seeing the characters within this run, plus the spoiler at the end, which was small also enjoyable)

Big Thx to my LCS & To DC Comics.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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