Comic Review:Detective Comics (2016) #995

Ring Them Bells

The first page opens up with Batman carrying Leslie Thompkins, trying to keep her communicating with him as she has been Jokerfied by Gas. grabbing his Bat-mobile makes his way to Wayne Manor to the Bat-cave.

Whilst this is all happening Alfred is preparing antidotes to help counter the toxin within Leslie’s body, as you see the discussion between Leslie & Bruce, we get quite a lot of emotion showing in the panels between the main characters.

Bruce moves into a last resort to try & revive Leslie from the Joker Toxin, we get some amazing flashbacks in panel, along with the anguish in Bruce Wayne’s eyes, until he stops.

Alfred walks away from Bruce to give him some time to meditate, using this time to go make some tea for Bruce, as this happens the Wayne Manor gets a visitor to which manages to fool the security system, saying it was Commissioner Gordon, Alfred goes to the door only to struck by a rapier, as Bruce hears an the bell, he runs to where Alfred is, only to find he has been harmed.

I’ll leave it their so you can go spoil yourself with it.


Art:8.5/10(The flashback scenes were really well thought of in this issue)
Story:8.5/10(This issue hit the double feels of what has happened to one of Bruce’s friends & his closest friend)

Big Thanks to my LCS & to Peter J Tomasi with crew over at DC Comics.

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