Manga Review:Radiant Vol 1

Chapter 1:Nemeses

This chapter begins at Pompo Hills- Islet21, to which we are introduced into a young rough looking character who we come to know as Seth, as he looks upon the land, he sees cattle & confuses them to be the Dreaded Nemeses which have come from the Skys above & in his haste he strikes one with what he calls Titan Punch, to which he congratulates himself in punching the 1 he believed to be the leader.

He asks some of the towns people if they are alright & he receives some negative feedback, until we cut to a scene, where we don’t know what happens to him, we are then introduced to his present guardian by the name of Alma, she is a Wizard an Seth is her apprentice, as she is trying to get some supplies for her place of living.

Whilst this is all occurring a hoard of villagers are chasing Seth through the town, right in time for Alma to find out, that he has caused trouble.

Returning to Almas floating Observatory with Seth, he is told off for his actions, as he tries to explain that he is doing his best to learn from her & her library of books of things in the world.

I’ll leave it their so you can go check it out yourself.



Big thanks to my LCS & to Viz media for this Manga.

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