Anime Review:Hunter X Hunter (Episodes 1-15)

The Hunter X Hunter Exam

To start off, I learned about this series by Word Of Mouth on Youtube, I had heard so much about it, that I decided to get around to finally checking it out myself.

I know for myself, that I like to take things slow when trying to get into or check out a new series, like some of the series I have already reviewed Anime wise.

I normally like to give myself the 1st 2 to 3 episodes to see if I will enjoy the series enough that I will want to check out further episodes, if not enjoyed, the review may or may not show up.

Episodes 1-5

I personally didn’t know what to expect of this series, in delivering the 1st 3 episodes it gave me enough information to understand the story arc we were coming into, it gave us our 1st 3 main characters being Gon, Leorio & Kuraprika, plus it showed a small part in their motivations to taking the Hunter X Hunter exam, this held up until the 5th Episode.

Episodes 6-10

As we progressed further into the story, we finally reach some locations within the world of Hunter X Hunter, which basically led you into some pretesting before the main Exam, even making the main characters think on their feet & decision making, within these episodes, we also learn of the other participants of the Hunter X Hunter Exam, to Gon, Leorio & Kuraprika adding a new friend and acquaintance to their group of friends, by the name of Killua.
Within this time the actually Hunter X Hunter Exam has officially Started.

Episodes 11-15

The way this exam pans out within the series, it comes across almost like a survival of the fittest, smartest, also looking at other abilities to which the participants have dropped down in number since the 1st exam, approaching within episodes 11-15, Gon, Killua, Leorio & Kuraprika have traveled quite a distance from where they 1st started, to finishing 1 test, moving into another almost without rest, until they are on a break through an airship taking them to one of their next tests within the Hunter X Hunter Exam.

This series certainly showed growth with its characters & hopefully I’ll be back to cover some more episodes, getting into a little more depth to this series.


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