Anime Review:Boruto:Naruto Next Generations (Episodes 30 to Present Episode 87)

Enjoyable story arcs I liked

To start this off, I will address episodes 30-32, to which it ends on a story arc when the Hidden Leaf academy students are in the land of Water to the Village of the Hidden Mist, to which a plot is uncovered to cause a war in the land, at the end of the Journey, Boruto forgets that he made a promise to his favourite & only Sister Himiwari on his return home, an he has to get his friends to help him find a shop that sell stuff from the Hidden Mist in the Hidden Leaf Village.

The next episodes that I enjoyed in this were 36-38 to which the students at the hidden leaf academy had to graduate, in Hokage Narutos Wisdom he chooses Kakashi to help see them graduate, this becomes a test for all the students, as they try to steal the bells from 3 mentors, 1 being Konohamaru & the other being TenTen., forcing the students to resolve this issue by working as 1 huge unit, the story arc was amazingly done and a credit to the writer for bringing in this new approach.

The next episode of recommendation is episode 39 to which we learn about the history of Mitsuki, a very small episode, it certainly brings deeper interest into this character.

The next recommendation is episode 48, which is just before the Chunim Exam arc, which you see 3 Genin, Iwabe, Denki & Metal Lee work together to try to do a documentary of the importance of going through Hidden Leaf Ninja Academy & a director they can’t stand.

The writer of this certainly thought this through addressing the impact of technology of media influence within the Hidden Leaf, not just the hand held video games, that are also shown in the series.

The next recommendation are episodes 50-66 to which leads us into the Momoshiki confrontation at the end of this arc, that happens at the end of the Chunim Exams, in between this we get some episodes around the birthdays of Boruto & Himiwari, to seeing a falling out between Naruto & Boruto, to Borutos 1st encounter with Sasuke, his Dads rival, also his best friend.

The tension in some of these episodes get you on edge, the brightest sun burns when Boruto finally wakes up an sees how much he not only cares about the Hidden Leaf, also his family, when the lives of the Village are put at risk at Momoshikis arrival, an he defeats Momoshiki with his new wind-style Rasengan & Bonds are renewed between Dad & Son.

The next recommendation is another small filler episode of 70 to which we see Metal Lee an his own personal experience with Anxiety, I have heard some people dislike it, I actually liked it, in this it explored Metal Lees anxiety also an inner fear that he had to overcome, basically addressing his fear of crowds, which anxiety to such a thing, can cause someone to isolate themselves, without addressing it healthily.

From episodes 71 to present(Episode 87), we encounter a huge story arc to which Konohamaru’s Team 7, has 1 of their own members go missing, being Mitsuki, this leads into a biggest mystery of its own, as well to Boruto learning some things he didn’t know before, to information Sarada had learned before him about Mitsuki, this eventually leads to Boruto making a summon contract with Garaga, after learning from Orochimaru that he had to go to the Ryuichi Caves to get a snake left behind from Mitsuki as a message for him, to which the message was finally translated.

This leads Boruto & the rest of hidden leaf members who teamed up with him to make their way to the Hidden Stone Village to which a bigger plot unravels, leading back to the very person they met at the very beginning of this arc being Onokhi, who has been heartbroken after the death of his own Grandson, who died a hero in his own village trying to take on some thieves.

I have really enjoyed what I have watched of this series, in some cases, it feels like it needs to be sped up, and a few more episodes to go up within the week, that plus the speed of the Manga of Boruto, I’d like to see it come out sooner than later.

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