Comic Review:Redwood by Anthony N Castle

Australian Comic Review

I 1st came across Anthony N Castles Graphic Novels called Dead Ends this year, I totally enjoyed the stories he gave in it, so its really nice to review another of his stories on the tail end of the year.

This issue begins with Stephen & Evie going to a Redwood tree 6 miles from Milltown, as they reach the place, Evie wants the keys back to get back home in the car they came in.

As they approach the tree, Stephen grabs some rope so they can climb to the top of the tree, as they try to make their way up, the redwood tree, begins to possess Evie.

Keeping it short for what is left for this review, they finally reach the top, as the rumour goes around the tree, they need to jump into the hollow of the tree, to which they discover an unknown beast inhabiting it.

I’ll leave it there so you can go check it out yourself.



Big thanks to my LCS & to Anthony N Castle for this amazing story.

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