Comic Review:It Came Out On A Wednesday #1

Alterna Comic Review

First thing I want to say, is when I 1st saw the cover for this on the Alterna website, I immediately thought that this would be about a monster in the Alternaverse that only comes out on a Wednesday, which is normally New Comic Book Day, upon closer inspection of this particular type of comic, it is a combination of comic stories, as well as the opportunity of people who love comics to participate in a short story comic contest.

With the contents at the beginning it makes it so much easier to choose what you actually want to read through, as well as how far you are within the whole comic, which basically introduces you to some of Alternas Comic Creators.

The 1st couple of pages introduces us to Exilium which introduces us to an Alien character playing Cricket, who eventually gets called out to do a mission.

In the middle of the comic we get some insight by the cover creator Eli Powell as to how he came up with the Cover idea for It Came Out On A Wednesday.

The style of this comes off a little better than DC’s DC Nation issue 1 to present, as it gives you within what pages they have to cover as many comic previews as possible for what could be showing up in the Alterna Comic Line Up in the future.

It was definitely worth picking up, as it opens a comic book reader to more comic choices to check out whether in the present or future plans of titles to check out & collect.

Overall Rating


Big Thanks to my LCS & to all at Alterna Comics who put this small masterpiece together.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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