Comic Review: Albert Einstein: Time Mason #2

Gate Crashers

I advise you get the 1st issue to understand this series some more.

This issue begins giving us a heads up on the last issue to where Albert did a Quantum Leap into the future to retrieve his stolen brain from a theif.

The next pages take us into 8th Century Turkey, doesn’t seem to indicate if its BC/AD, as we hear some narration from Albert in the area of science, until we reach the Caspian Gates to where we see one of the soldiers wanting to move the royal cargo without delay.

As we jump a couple pages ahead Albert gatecrashes & shoots the soldiers guarding the cargo, grabs his spoils, moving back into his present at Princeton University in 1937, to turn up back in time to do a fundraiser for the University, keeping his time short, he gives a quick spiel, then leaves to go into his man cave with all his inventions.

I’ll leave it there so you can go spoil yourself.



Big thanks to my LCS & to Action Labs comic creators Marcus Perry & Tony Donley.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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