Comic Review:Sex Death Revolution #2

Minding Marcus

The first 4 pages of this as we start to hear the narration of Marcus, one of Esperanza’s friends who is in the park just after talking to Esperanza and shoots at a Pigeon using Black Magic, as we hear him narrate, he speaks about his clothes, to being possessed of a sophisticated taste to show his life, as it feels like he has a schoolboy crush on Esperanza.

The next pages take us to a flashback to when one of the Coven members to which Esperanza by the name of Annie has her last talk with Esperanza, as it feels like Esperanza is pushing her character away, because she is fat, no mention or reference of the magic Annie used in the last issue flashback.

Returning again in the upcoming pages we return to Marcus, who leaves that coven meeting, as he narrates once again, asĀ  he focuses on Esperanza again, until a supernatural event from within him comes out, he decides to call Suze, one of the coven members, who is watching Gumball(to which it looks like this comic hasn’t obtained permissions to use, loses points) the conversation between them gets interesting.

I’ll leave it their so you can go spoil yourself.



A Big thanks to my LCS & to Mags at Black Mask Comics, I feel you have sabotaged what could’ve been a good story.

Lets Keep it Colorful!


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