Comic Review:The New World (2018) #05


As this issue begins in the 1st couple of panels, we see Kirby Miziyakis dad, go out of his way to sacrifice his life so his Son can get away with his lover & former hunter of him.

The next panels we see a conversation unfolding between Stella & Kirby, as they talk about some software that Kirby had placed into the servers of The New World security system to mess with its hardware.

As this happens Kirby & Stella approach the wall of the new world, Stella takes her helmet to broadcast a message to all the people within The New World district, some are excited, whilst others are shocked, until she gives her last good bye, even to her fans.

I’ll leave you to spoil yourself as you go get your copy to find out how this story ends.



Big thanks to my LCS & to comic creators at Image Comics who made this series.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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