Comic Review:Middlewest (2018) #01

This issue begins with a dream from our main protagonist being Abel who lives in Middlewest, an you see him in a field encountering a cyclone type monster calling out his name.

As we jump into the next panel we see Abel waking up in bed being scolded by his dad, because on Saturdays he has a paper route to keep, as he is late for his delivery, we capture some scenes within the panels as we see a picture of a young Abel with his Mum & Dad.

Moving into the next couple of pages we see Abel speaking to a Fox which seems to be his only friend as he goes to make his Paper delivery, as this happens an unexpected wind, blows away his papers out of his bag.
Whilst this happens some of the towns kids lure away Abel to do something other than delivering his papers, to which he follows along & eventually gets into trouble again.

I’ll leave it there so you can go spoil yourself with the issue.


Story:8.5/10(Reminds me a little like the Wizard of Oz, with a male as the lead character)

Big Thanks to my LCS & to Skottie Young, Jorge Corona at Image Comics.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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