Comic Review:Mister Miracle #12

Mister Miracle

This issue begins with Mister Miracle about to do a trick on escaping a straight jacket, whilst tied upside down, going into a flame, as we look into the panel, the artist has inserted DC creators, in 4 of the Panels, which is really unnecessary, as one reminds me of Capn Cummings from Youtube.

The next page panels open up as we  go through Scott Free’s  Family Life, as he encounters Granny Goodness, in what feels like a Memory outside of his present reality, as Barda & Scott Free are about go back to Apokalips & New Genesis, Funky Flashman turns up in time to take care of their Son Jake.

Jumping the next pages after them returning from Apokalips & New Genesis, we see Barda & Scott visiting the Dr for an ultrasound, learning they have a new Baby Bundle on the way.

I’ll leave it there so you can go spoil yourself with this issue.


Art:6.5/10(the self insert of the comic creators on this is a bit of a turn down, I don’t remember Jack Kirby doing that in his original Mister Miracle run)
Story:5.5/10(With the lack of Location in this issue, it has led to the lower score, the characters were done right to know who they are)

Big Thanks to my LCS & to Tom an Mitch working on this Mister Miracle series.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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