Comic Review:Infinity Warps: Arach-knight #1

History Of Arach-Knight

In this issue of Infinity Warps, we get the information that Gomora has collected the Infinity Stones, as it has granted her power beyond belief, as a universe has been created by Gomoras own Imagination, to which one of these Characters is Arach-Knight.

The issue begins in Manhattan at American Museum Of Natural History to which we learn it was the last night of a Science Festival, with Ben & May Parker with Peter Parker in the Park at night, as they begin to make their way home through the park, they are attacked by this universes version of the Green Goblin, we get some narration within the panels, until eventually how we see how Peter Parker becomes Arach-Knight.

With one quick panel showing the dawn of the next morning to where we see the death of Ben Parker, the Police & Ambulance at the scene, seeing a young Peter Parker sitting in the door of the Ambulance.

We jump 15 years later, an we see Arach-knight in the next couple of Panels taking on the villains, plus referencing to an insane amount of Anti-Psychotic Drugs later, after taking care of the villain, he meets up with Harry Osborn.

The next panel takes us to Parker Industries, to which Peter Parker is meeting up with some fellow businessmen, and we see within the Industries of what he has created of a new device within his lab.

I’ll leave it their, so you can go spoil yourself with this issue.


Story:7.9/10(It wouldn’t have gone astray to show references to locations within this arc, the story has me interested to seeing the next issue)

Big Thanks to my LCS & to the creators who worked on this Arach-Knight issue.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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