Movie Review:Bohemian Rhapsody

Is This The Real Life? Or Is This Just Fantasy?

To begin this review, no spoilers of course, this movie comes across as Freddy Mercury’s Journey, with the Band, that would become known as Queen.

For things this movie did right:

  • Introduced us to the character we would journeying with in this story
  • How Queen actually came to be
  • The Process of how the Music industry worked in that time
  • Unexpected form of Villain
  • Showing how all Band Members Played apart in songs, that we have come to love & enjoy.
  • Getting the Audience involved(their way of saying I Love The Fans)
  • Wasn’t shy in being Politically Incorrect.
  • Addressed Issues Of the Eras
  • The Price Of Pride
  • The Joy Of Humbleness
  • Years Of Impact, as well as years performed
  • News about the band in that times mentioned

For things the movie did wrong:

  • It would’ve been nice if it covered more of the other band members personal lives, who knows, they might have deleted scenes showing that stuff that was cut from it.
  • nice to know more about his closest friend


Actors chosen as important Band Characters:8.5/10
Support Actors with main characters:8.5/10
Camera work:9/10
Locations used in the film:7:5/10
Soundtrack & Music in the film:9/10
Overall rating:8.9/10

Let’s Keep It Colorful!


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