Comic Review:Sex Death Revolution #1

Black Mask Review

Before I begin moving into this review, I’d like to point out, that I can see how much the writer of this story has improved in their delivery, I have seen some reviews of their other works, I didn’t think I would enjoy it, only with a few minuscule problems within the comic, to which I’ll cover at the end of the review in the rating, now lets start.

This story begins with Shannon & Esperanza at the corner Bistro, we find out this happens in October 2017, they are both enjoying a conversation, along with some gentle caressing of Esperanza’s hand, with the narration by Esperanza, it opens us up to learn this is also a journey about magic.

After they both leave the Corner Bistro, they go there separate ways, as we hear Esperanza narration again in thought, as she finally gets home, she enters a room, with has a myriad of pictures, some looking like sacred geometrical, as she shares of how she has changed herself.

Moving into the next couple of pages, we see Esperanza in an unknown location, with a circle of friends, talking on the topic of magic, as one of her friends challenges her in what she is bringing up, in wanting to create a new witches coven, as we also learn their names within the panels, also some spoken things from Esperanza as she also considers what she heard from her friends after some of them leave.

In the next couple of panels we go into a flashback to where we see Esperanza & Annie, a member of the witches coven she use to be apart of, as they perform a ritual.

I’ll leave it there, so you can go spoil yourself with this story.


Story:8.5/10(Of the small things that need to be fixed up,Locations are a must, if the language of magic is being used, translate it to the reader, so they know what the person is doing it for, apart from that, it didn’t ruin the rest of the story, which I totally enjoyed its story delivery)

Big thanks to my LCS & to Mags Visaggio through Black Mask, this is a worth the recommendation to read.

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