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Why Black Mask titles aren’t selling well in Australia?

Welcome to In The Firing Line… a new category for this page, as to which I will address some problems with Comics plus movies, TV series etc, that aren’t doing well & losing its audience.

Be warned, so Colorful Language maybe up ahead, as I will be honest in approaching in this case, the Black Mask comics and how they are losing their Audience here, including your average comic reader.

This isn’t about Hatred towards Writer or Artist, more about Story Delivery, I would also like to include Pros & Cons about the comics that are shown in this, it might also help Black Mask lead to better Stories for their customer base here in Australia.

I would also like to add into this, I also asked my Local Comic Store about Black Mask sales within the store to which they replied “They really don’t get a lot of sales of Black Mask, so they don’t order a lot”, I also had the opportunity to ask a Customer of the Local Comic Store on Black Mask as well, I want to add this, because they were a person of color as they enjoyed reading comics as well, to which they replied “The market here for them is small, basically lose interest, in not well developed stories”, it also sounded in our talk, that he wanted to check out individual issues on it as well, instead of buying a trade-paperback of Black AF in store, to which he felt no interest in our conversation.

Addressing The Comic Issues.

So of what was available at my Local Comic Store, I have gone out of my own way, to get these issues to see why they aren’t selling well here in Australia.

So  lets go to the easiest thing to point out, the covers, before even moving into the story, to point out, these comics are rated for mature readers.


As we look to each of the covers of the Black series of comics, they come off too overly politicized, where Black AF:Widows And Orphans comes off as a wannabe Revisionist History tour of Japan, one thing about us here in Australia, we aren’t afraid to be blunt on topics, so stop & think before you react & play the racist card, this is being done to help you sell your stories better to us, especially if you want Australians to consider buying your product.

Fixing The Cover Problem.

I remember seeing a YouTube video which stated some of your outlines to meet certain criteria, well if that was applied to the covers as well, as trying to promote diversity, within the Black AF series, change the covers up, show diversity, with Chapter 3, you could get real creative & show many people of colors & backgrounds, including religious & non religious, to abled & disabled, yes even including white people, be explorative.

The chapter 4 cover of Black, get rid of it, because it has nothing at all to do with the actual story, especially with who is on top in the cover, this is creating your sales slump, chapter 6, its basically the same cover for chapter 1, as what I have viewed online, with no real change, do something different an give full color to each an every hand used, not just black, where it gives the feeling, “Let’s do this together to overcome hardship”

Widows And Orphans chapter 1 cover, the main face in the cover is the only thing that relates to the story, the additional rest are not necessary, you could include the Senators face, his body guard, protagonists on the journey, chapter 2, taking place in Russia, instead you could’ve shown the protagonists¬† in their costumes used within the issue of their undercover operation & chapter 3 which takes place in the middle east you could’ve shown the Human Traffickers from that region & the fight to the death arena.

Whats The Story?Morning Gory

Moving into the Pros & Cons of Each issue, I obtained via my Local Comic Store, to do this we need to address the Stories of each chapter, I will point out things I Liked & Disliked.


Pros & Cons Of Chapter 3


  • The main thing that actually stands out in this, is the colored advertisement of comic previews, it stands out like a sore thumb, would easily drive me away from your story, to solve that problem, I’d suggest, if you wanted it to sell, add color to the story, or make everything in the comic, as you have done so with the main story, the same also applies for chapters 4 & 6.
  • The Flashback scene at the beginning has potential.


What is letting this chapter story down?

  • Dialogue between characters.
  • No list of cast of characters within the story, feels like Guesswork Story, without telling me who is who.
  • No Locations pointed out within the story, tell the reader where the character/s are.


Pros & Cons Of Chapter 4


  • Locations to where the character/s are.
  • Some of the grouped heroes.


  • Locations that aren’t mentioned
  • Places where another language is used & not translated.
  • Lack of names of who the other villains ares, that are detained.
  • Maybe a small profile of character power sets.


Pros & Cons Of Chapter 6


  • Villain & Hero fights
  • The main Villain
  • The small news scene


  • Being the final chapter, this would’ve been a great opportunity, to bring in more people of different power sets, of different backgrounds etc.
  • Give the main protagonist new friends at the end of different backgrounds, including people who are white, show he has people who care for him.
  • Show more of the world for the character/s


Pros & Cons Of Widows And Orphans

Chapter 1


  • That the story is fully colored comic
  • The Ninja(unsure if they are Villain or Friend)


  • Not knowing the Location/s
  • Use of foreign language used in 1 area, no translation.
  • No character cast
  • The Costume of the characters going undercover, kills the mood.
  • Clear up the Dialogue.


Chapter 2


  • The only one Location that is mentioned.


  • Not enough locations mentioned that are used.
  • There appears to be another flashback, not pointed out or referenced.
  • No reference of events from the last chapter.
  • Who are our new cast of characters in this new location, the audience is missing out.


Chapter 3


  • The only thing I like in this, is the idea of the Death Match arranged by the Villain.
  • Some Of The new Villains.


  • Locations, where are our characters?
  • Who are our new cast of characters?
  • Flashback used again, not referenced.
  • Nothing done to keep the reader up to date of what has happened.
  • Foreign Language used again, with no translation again.

Do I think Black Mask comics could be successful here in Australia?

Yes, if they were under the right direction, were open to all forms of diversity, which would make the story telling more appealing to the audience.

Of the things pointed out within the issues checked out here, with correcting those small problems within the stories themselves.

Another reason why I say Yes, is actually 1 comic, I’ll be actually reviewing being, Sex Death Revolution.

My answer could’ve easily led to No, If I didn’t actually enjoy how the story was written Sex Death Revolution, So I suggest you get some advice from Mags Visaggio to help work on your Story Deliveries.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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