Comic Review:What If? Magik #1

Became Sorcerer Supreme

It’s nice to do another Marvel Comics review, as this time, we cover something from the What If? scenarios within Marvel.

Remember to read the 1st page of this one, as we follow the path of Illyana Rasputin, who was transported to hell to the Dimension called Limbo, its ruler Belasco who had her trapped for 7yrs, only later to return to earth as a teenager.

As we begin the 1st Panel showing our protaganist hitch hiking on the side of the road, looking to recieve a lift from a Stranger to get to wherever she intends on going, we get some narration, its unknown as to who is narrating it, turning over the page, we learn the person who Illyana caught the lift from, now wants something back from her, as a way of  payment, only to get knocked down by a broom in Illyanas hands.

Dr Strange appears only to come in a little too late after the incident, to confront Illyana on her actions in the next couple of pages, to which he then takes her to 2 different locations, 1 being his home.

As we reach the next couple of Panels, Illyana & Dr Strange are exploring his home to eating at the table with Dr Stranges assistant, as conversation comes up, we start to hear more from Illyana in the though bubbles, to which Dr Strange offers Illyana to become his apprentice, as she tries to leave, you can see she feels not wanting to be locked up again, quick talk ensues, an finally decides to take up the apprenticeship.

I’ll leave it there so you can go spoil yourself with this one.


Art:7.5/10(Some of the art could’ve been better in showing faces of the characters)
Story:8/10(would’ve been nice to know locations of places within the story with more clarity, especially at the beginning, middle & end)

Big thanks to my LCS & to Marvel Comics team who worked on this.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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