Game Review:My Hero Ones Justice

My Hero Academia

Well its been about 4 days, since the game has come out, of course, I purchased my copy Digitally via Xbox.

Other games, that I have been playing inbetween this game, are Shadow Of The Tomb Raider & Naruto To Boruto:Shinobi Striker.

I have been following the Manga of My Hero Academia for a while now, not very far in it to say, but when it comes to the game, I am getting enjoyment out of it.

Is their a grind in the game, there is, you earn items along the way, which can help you along the way, when it comes to other sections of the game.

Compared to Shinobi Striker, I really enjoy that it has Story in the game, an a mission area to where you can choose 3 characters in the fight list they provide you & 1 new character you will earn end of the story game.

The story part of the game, no matter where you are whether Manga/Anime will catch you up in the 1st chapter of the game as to where you are in the story of My Hero Academia, an the most fun part, is also playing as the characters in that story against whoever the villain or person is you are fighting.

Other additional things you can do in-game, is able to customize your characters, to purchasing items, you want to add to each character for when you play online or maybe a tournament mode.

It also has a gallery to which you also earn pictures along the way, in connection to characters & story.

Shinobi Striker better look out, because this opponent on the field is wanting to take 1st place in better gaming quality.

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