Comic Review:Books Of Magic #1

“What’s Past Is Prologue”

As we begin this 1st issue of the series, the starting four panels show we are in a dream sequence from our main protagonist Timothy Hunter, as we see him walking up to a group of people who operate in magic, I’m able to make out one of them as John Constantine, as we move into the next page some events show some interaction with Magic, until we meet up with the group of people again to which he is given the decision, to be Mundane or to choose Magic.

The next pages we see Tim Hunter waking up in Class to his teacher calling out his name, only to have a fellow student named Tyler butt in.

As he leaves class, we see in the next couple of Panels of him wanting to impress a girl he likes, an wanting to do it with magic, only to have Tyler butt in again an mock Tim, a fight ensues among Tim & Tyler, an the Teacher takes Tim into her office, to which she does a small magic trick herself in front of him, to which she then says Tim did the trick, not her, she speaks to him & gives him a book on his way out.

I’ll let you spoil yourself with the rest of the story to go check out as the art & story seem quite enjoyable, one thing lacking.


Cover 1:9/10
Cover 2:10/10
Story:8.5/10(only thing that lacked in this, no mention of Locations, the rest of the story was pretty good)

Big thanks to my LCS & to DC Vertigo team of Kat Howard, Tom Fowler & Jordan Boyd for this issue.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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