Comic Review:Aventure Of The Super Sons #3

Part 3

This issue begins in Deep Space, to where we see Joker Jr, escaping the ship that Rex Luthor is on, only to be fired upon by Kid Deadshot.

We return back inside the ship to where Robin & Superboy one that’s Red & one that’s Blue, because of what the Kryptonite used in the last issue, separated Superboy into 2 parts.

Rex Luthor gives a command to Shaggy Boy to fight against one of the Superboys, whilst they are fighting each other between Robin, as Shaggy Boy gets struck down by Robin, the Superboy Red & Blue still continue to argue, whilst Rex Luthor to uses his glove with Gold Kryptonite in it to fight the Blue Superboy.

The Red Superboy is upset by the strike of Rex Luthor, until the Ice Princess turns up to freeze Robin & the Red Superboy, with Kid Deadshot returning in this scene, the characters appearance to when we 1st saw them in issue 1.

Jumping into next page, we see Joker Jr floating in space, only to be picked up by a tractor beam.

The battle rages on in the next few pages, until suddenly the ship is out of control plunging towards Cygnus, in this time period both of the Superboys take it on themselves to try to save their captors ship from destruction when hitting planet Cygnus, to which we see the inhabitants & buildings on the planet.

I’ll leave it their to go an spoil yourself with this next issue.


Art:8.5/10(Just one slight criticism with Kid Deadshots appearance has changed, his appearance was thinner in this issue in 1 part of the story, apart from that, it didn’t harm the overall story)

Big thanks to Peter Tomasi and crew & to my LCS.

Lets Keep it Colorful!


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