Anime/Manga Review:Boruto:Naruto Next Generations

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For starts this is a series in both Manga & Anime, that I would think I would enjoy, like anything, life is full of suprizes.

I actually checked out the Anime series, as well as the movie around Boruto:Naruto Next Generations, both delivered an interesting storyline, plot & characters.

If it is one thing I must point out is how much it also differs from the Naruto story, as this world also revolves around technological advancements, not in super big jumps, to give you an understanding as to how much time has passed since the reader or watcher of Narutos time period which reminds me of before Television was a huge thing in Japan, Boruto comes off as Post Television era with the extra gadgetry such as handheld video games which resembles that of the mid 1970s into its bigger impact around 2000 and onward.

Moving into the story of the Anime we learn of Boruto along with his friends Sarada & Mitsuki, the same is kept in the Manga, with small changes here an their as it centers itself around the events of what is seen in the Boruto movie for some story arcs.

I appreciate the writer in not making these characters super perfect, because we certainly see imperfections in these characters, as well with what Naruto is struggling with as being the Hokage, doing his best to take care of every villager of the Hidden Leaf, whilst Sasuke is doing an Assignment to help protect the Village Of the Hidden Leaf.

Personal Note: Of the Anime of this series I am making my way up to episode 30, of the Manga, I have presently completed up to volume 3 onto 4 & I have seen the whole Boruto:Naruto Next Generations.

What I have noticed with the Manga is that the writer is giving us some about 4 chapters in each volume roughly, whilst trying to cover as much as possible, in such short arcs, not that its a bad thing, it does feel a little hasty.

What I have noticed with the Anime Series, there have been some hit or miss episodes, that isn’t to say that it has sparked interest in this seasons new characters in the world of Naruto, whether it is Cho-Cho, Sarada, Denki, Mitsuki, among a whole list of others to learn about as you go further into the series, including a small mystery here & there to keep the viewer intrigued in whats going on.

What I have noticed in the Movie, though it was basically done to keep the viewer up to speed of what is planned for Boruto, it lets you know some of the things that will be explored in the area of technology, an how it will begin to play apart in this world to change in Naruto Next Generations.

I’d personally like to thank my LCS to where I was able to get ahold of the manga of this series, as well to thank some friends who I know in the comics community, who have by their reviews have led me back to checking out both Manga & Anime once again.

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