Comic Review:Lollipop Kids #1

“A Walk In The Park”

This issue begins with the protagonist encountering the big bad wolf in the park, the next page brings us to what happened earlier that morning & we get no learning of this characters name, which I feel lets the story down at the beginning pages.

As the character makes their way goes through some different places, as we hear the thoughts of the protagonist, to even addressing they have a minor disability being Dyslexia.

Each page seems to explore this world of this comic of  Lollipop Kids, to which we see small different events happening with the protagonist.

We finally come to see the protagonist making their way through the park once again after school, with still no name for this character.

If it grabs your interest, check it out, I do feel its a small let down, about a protagonist to who we don’t know the name of from beginning to end.


Cover:6.5/10(it didn’t feel connected to the story)
Art:8/10(enjoyed the exploration of this characters world)
Story:4.5/10(I really wanted to enjoy this title, the narration & not knowing the main characters name at the beginning, will bring loss of interest very early in the reading)

Big Thanks to my LCS & to Adam Glass, Aiden Glass & crew at Aftershock Comics.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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