Comic Review:Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive #1

Dead Or Alive Part 1 of 4

As we begin this review, I must say I do enjoy the cover choices they have done for this 1st issue, as it really captures the time period to which Dick Tracy is set in, one even showing the Dick Tracy Rogues Gallery.

This issue begins at the Bay Area Corporate Airfield at 3am as we see someone running with a case full of money, only to have a tool-chest thrown at him & Dick Tracy kicking Peepers in the gut forcing him to hit the ground.

We return to the office to which Dick Tracy as he hands over his Badge to his boss.

The next scene takes us into an Irish Pub called Mikey’s Pub with Dick Tracy & Sam speaking together overĀ  some shots of alcohol.

As the next panel starts we are taken to the American Midwest, the city by the lake, we go to the Town Hall to where we see the Mayor, City Attorney Police Commissioner & Police Chief around a table speaking of how things have changed a little politically in regards to the Governor in control, who is a female, they make the decision to bring in Dick Tracy to clean up the town.

Two weeks later in the next panels we see Dick Tracy turn up at this city, only to be flooded by the media taking photos of him.

I certainly recommend you check this out, I can’t wait to see what the next issue will bring.


Art:8.5/10(it does its best to give you the era Dick Tracy originally came out, didn’t harm the story)
Story:8.5/10(This story was really good in delivery, small editing details wouldn’t go astray to point out Dick Tracy’s Villains in the arc)

Big thanks to my LCS, as late as the deliver was for this, still an amazing story to read through & thanks to IDW’s Writer & crew for this comic.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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