Comic Theory:Heroes In Crisis #1


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Thoughts On Heroes In Crisis #1

Why a theory on Heroes In Crisis, well for starts after the events of Issue #50 of Batman written by Tom King in his run, we do hear a reference of The Sanctuary.

I’d also like to thank some people of some points they picked up on the issue of Heroes In Crisis, to which I will add later, yes there are spoilers in this issue ahead, if you don’t want to read this, you can leave freely.

Booster Gold



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We start & end with Booster Gold in this issue, so going from Back to Front, instead of front to back, He is speaking to you the reader, an telling us about about The Super Reality Therapist Robot, that is infused with The Will Of Batman, Compassion Of Wonder Woman & the Honor Of Superman, he then states it is here to help Heroes who have gone through alot.

Harley Quinn


Also seen within the same pages as Booster Gold, we see Harley’s 1st appearance at the beginning, as we see a Panel of her at The Sanctuary, until she starts to break down, another interesting thing in her encounter with Booster Gold, she ends up singing a song, whilst she is attacking him, as if trying to trigger Booster Gold to react.

Rich’s Diner


As we look at the encounter at Rich’s Diner, with both Harley & Booster Gold, in 1 of the panels we no longer see any of the Occupants Present, time to put the thinking caps on, where did they disappear too, what is this we are actually seeing? Is this real or a simulation, if a simulation from where is it coming from?

Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman



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As Superman appears of what we learn is The Sanctuary we see him viewing the bodies, in one quote he says “They’re All Gone” paying absolutely no attention to naming who all the victims are, almost responding like a robot, as we move to inside the Sanctuary, we only seem to get confirmation of the names of Wally West & Roy, in this issue only.

Wonder Woman

The thing that caught my attention here with Wonder Woman, is that she is actually flying, like Superman, in the Present DC Rebirth of Wonder Woman, she has been shown as not having the power to fly like Superman.

She also helps to give us Clues as to who our Suspect could be, when she gives us the meaning of the term “Puddlers” being “It is a term for those who work in Iron, who makes weapons, swords. Puddlers Skim the molten metal. Remove the impurities so the iron can be strong”

Personal note:In one way this might be to imply that the assailant & suspect isn’t actually Human, let alone a Metahuman, it might actually be one of the Robots that have been made & gone against it’s own protocols, which reminds me a little of the movie, I, Robot, an this could also lead to a simulated scenario from the Robot to whoever the Patients are in The Sanctuary.


The thing with Batman in this to his 1st show up in the issue, we understand that he is 13 minutes away to reaching the location in the Batwing, states to both Superman & Wonder Woman, not to touch anything once they get to The Sanctuary, there also looks to be some information also showing from his Batwing, which is hard to make out, an be shown in a way for the reader to understand.

His next words address that to saying it was someone who was being treated at The Sanctuary as he seems to think the suspect is a living person, without placing the blame on a robot for example.

The Victims Identified


With this I am only going by what we have been given in regards to The Sanctuary panels we are given in this issue, not what was mentioned by any DC character whether Hero/Villain, as it could be used to lead the reader off course & distract.

Arsenal, Blue Jay & Hot Spot.

With what we are given in these panels, they all bear the Sanctuary Logo, none of the characters that are victims of this mess, don’t address the Super Robot, that Booster Gold addresses in his, nor does Harley address it, only address the issues they have been having, to which some don’t feel overly trauma based at all.

The Sanctuary

What we know of the Sanctuary is that it run by The Super Reality Therapist Robot, that is infused with The Will Of Batman, Compassion Of Wonder Woman & the Honor Of Superman, as stated at the beginning of this theory, with the evidence given to us by Tom King in this issue, we do manage to glimpse 2 Robots that look like Ma & Pa Kent, the sanctuary itself made to look like the Kent Family house, with heaps of land around it, to which their robots appear to be Damaged, which could easily be to lead us off track, that the person who did isn’t a Robot, or to possibly bring us to see this as a simulation, or maybe even an Elseworld story, an do these also apply to the Masks that we also see on the regular cover as well.


I’d like to conclude a thanks to Trajan on YouTube, who pointed something out in reference to Booster Gold in this issue, an to another person I have gotten to know online called Gerbil for pointing out, that it maybe an else-world type story.

Only working with the information provided in this issue to come out with the theory.

Though some are still upset after issue 50 of Batman, almost reaching the end of Mister Miracle, could this story in the long short term, be Tom Kings plan to put things right with the fans, especially when we reach the end of this series of Heroes In Crisis, very possibly, also possibly not, as the outcome to this, plus sales will determine by the customers care for this story arc.

I personally didn’t love or hate the issue, it was an issue that did get me thinking of what we could expect to come, we still have Doomsday Clock, which isn’t complete yet, amongst other series, as we don’t know what he will use of other DC characters within the arc.

I don’t know that my theory is on the right or wrong track, I do certainly think Tom King wants us to pay attention to this the arc, whether you choose to follow it to the end is up to you.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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