Comic Review:Stranger Things #1

Chapter 1

We start this issue finding out, that Will Byers is missing in his town of Hawkins, Indiana, as his best friends try to find him with the help of any townsfolk, as we start the on the next page after our introduction to the scenario.

The narration goes through a lot of these pages, as we see Will Byers running away from the Demigorgon in the Upside Down, making his way to the shed, he grabs a gun, with the art we see a little haziness with will, trying to figure out if he is in his world or somewhere else.

With some small flashbacks back to the game he was having with his friends, it gives the slight impression, that he would rather be with them, than on his own, firing a shot at the demigorgon, with his eyes shut, unknown if he had kill it, making his way back into what he thinks is his home, attempting to switch the light on, with nothing working.

The darkness of the atmosphere in this, we start to see Will look down, quick flashback to his D&D game, talking on some rules of the game.

Back in the upside down we see Will thinking & talking to himself, looking for a way to get back to where he came from, walking into the forest, he sees some lights & tries to get the attention with no luck, only to grasp the appearance of Eleven, who is seen in the main series.

I’ll leave it there so you can spoil yourself in this 1 of 4 issue series.


Story:8.5/10(Totally enjoyed the narration of this within the story)

Big thanks to my LCS & to Jody Houser through Dark Horse Comics.

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