Comic Review:Doomsday Clock #7

Blind Spot

This issue begins with narration from Mr Manhattan, who seems to be in the shape of a Bee/wasp, giving us a small history of things he has seen in his power set, seeing Alan Scott, the mystics of the Song Dynasty in china, moving into the future to seeing Edward Billings in 1940, jumping to 1950 to the mention of Johnny Thunder, an the appearance of a Green Lantern Lamp.

Coming out of the 1st panel we see Rorschach, with the Green Lantern Lamp, starting to be approached by the Niteowl Ship, the next page gives us some upto date news reports of whats happening in this world, we return back to the ship with Ozymandias, Saturn Girl, with a quick flash of Superman helping in the middle east in the next page.

As we advance in further pages, we see The Joker, The Comedian, Mime & Marionette together, and a discussion between them all, a small fight breaks out, an we jump into another small fight between Marionette & Batman, until they call for Mr Manhattan to appear.

I’ll leave it their for you to go spoil yourself.



Big Thanks to my LCS & to Geoff Johns & Gary Frank at DC Comics for this issue.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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