Comic Review:Heroes in Crisis #1

Part 1:I’m Just Warming Up

First Of All I want to point out the art in this is amazing, the story in this is a mystery of its own, I do admit, I still feel its too early to have this series of Heroes In Crisis, its very clear that Tom King wants you to pay attention to everything in this issue.

We begin at Rich’s Diner in this issue, totally unsure of Location, as the writer/editor forgot to tell us where its location is, as we see Booster Gold & Harley coming into as she begins to talk to Booster Gold saying she doesn’t believe in Trauma, an says to the waitress that she wants some peach pie.

Within the next page we see Superman flying over the location that is believed to be The Sanctuary, getting the confirmation of the 1st death, moving back into the diner into the next pages, to which we see Harley grab a knife, singing a song whilst attacking Booster Gold.

Jumping to the next couple of pages we see Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman in communication with each other, confirming each death of victims of this horrendous attack at The Sanctuary.

We return back again to see Harley attacking Booster Gold, until Booster bursts out of the ceiling, as the next page we see Superman entering The Sanctuary, confirming more deaths to Wonder Woman & Batman.

I’ll leave the rest for you to spoil yourself with.


Story:8/10(Clearer Location & References wouldn’t go astray from both editor & writer)

Big Thanks to my LCS & to Tom King & Crew at DC Comics.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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