Comic Review: Justice League #8

Legion Of Doom Part 2

We begin this issue hearing a story from Martian Manhunter, telling us about Starman, the Totality, some of the events connecting his experience with Lex Luthor.

The next couple of pages we see The Joker, Grodd, Sinestro together, along with Lex Luthor going through some different gates, making his way to speak to The Batman Who Laughs, asking for help, in this time of his weakness.

A discussion unfolds with the Batman Who Laughs taking the limelight, it disturbs the Joker & Grodd as they hear the conversation between them.

As we jump into the next pages we see Black Manta & Cheetah in Newfoundland, Canada attacking a port harbor, speaking of the things Luthor had promised them, returning to the Legion Of Doom the conversation comes to a close between Luthor & the Batman Who Laughs.

Definitely spoil yourself with this next in the Justice League care of James Tynion, another amazing story.


Story:9/10(enjoyed the story, could’ve done with a small amount of editing to show the origin of the Batman who laughs, didn’t ruin the story as a whole)

Big thanks to my LCS & to James Tynion who has delivered another amazing issue of Justice League, with his crew.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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