Comic Review: Adventures of the Super Sons #2

Action Detectives Part 2

We begin this issue getting a narration from Rex Luthor, basically giving us his origin story, we see some of his friends & learn that the character grew up in an education camp where all of there species are in a dystopian planet, eventually showing a scene where we see him & his friend show they want the hypercube(small criticism editing to show where the hypercube turned up in the DC rebirth run wouldn’t have gone astray)

Returning to the present we see Rex Luthor take another swing at Superboy, as he also says his Dad is the greatest, when a forcefield appears to protect him from the punch.

Moving a couple of pages forward Rex Luthor, brings out The Puppeteer, who manages to use his device to gain control of Superboys belt to control him, we catch a small scene where Joker Jr tells Damian that he wants his help, to which we learn later that he also wants to help them.

We now move to The Fortress Of Solitude, with the Gang, who have taken captive Jon & Damian, as they go to retrieve the Hypercube, to which Jon tries to take down one of the villains, he is knocked unconscious & Joker Jr, takes him to the same cell Damian is in, realizing that Jon needs his powers back, he attempts to talk to Damian, only to get punched & given 60 seconds to give a quick explanation.

We learn from Joker Jr, that these Villains are from the Cygnus System & have watched earths development.

I’ll leave it their so you can go spoil yourself with the ending.


Story:9/10(Small criticism, the editor could’ve added a reference as to where in DC Comics with Superman of where the Hypercube turned up, apart from that, another amazing story)

Big Thanks to my LCS & to Peter Tomasi and Crew at DC Comics.

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