Comic Review:Border Town #1

Welcome To Hell

The issue begins at Devils Fork, Arizona to where we see a small mixed group of Militia being handed some guns and enjoying a bit of a rant, the next page continues to where we see some Mexicans fleeing away from a location only to encounter an unknown beast we see in the next page, that has now made them their victim.

Moving into the next day start to meet our main protagonist named Frank, Ten Miles out of Devils Fork, Arizona, whilst they are driving into town they see some beasts gnawing at some human bones & entrails.

The following day we see Frank starting his 1st day at school, riding in on his skateboard, to meet Quinteh, who greets him with a big hug, when he offers him some change to help him out with a machine he was wanting to get something from.

As we finally make it to Class Room 40, Frank gets the chance to introduce himself to his class, to which some class discussion comes up with some of the students to which holds, word finally gets around to a student he met in school & leads to fist fight.

Whilst that is all happening some strange creatures have entered the town looking like Monster dressed in Mexican outfit, a Monster Neo-Nazi, a monster Police Officer, an unknown UrbanĀ  Teenage monster, 1 that reminds me of Bane from DC & come off a Metaphors of Ideologies about groups, if they are smart enough with this series, they could use it to address all backgrounds whatever colour or creed or gender.

I’ll leave it there, so you can spoil yourself to check it out.



Big thanks to my LCS & to DC’s Vertigo crew who worked on this.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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