Comic Review: United States Vs. Murder, Inc. #1

1st Jinxworld Review

This issue begins to where we hear a narration from the main character of this story being a young female student by the name of Jagger, telling a story in class, to which her Uncle Jake to pick her up from school and takes her to a warehouse to which the character is about to do her duty for the Family & to which she Tortures & Kills a Victim in a chair.

Being bought forward into the future 6yrs after the last part of the story, we see Jagger armed with a Sniper rifle ready to shoot & kill another victim, to which she gets some instruction from her handler.

Moving closer to the present, we are now 1yr ago to the present to which we see Jagger talking to her Uncle Jake once again & meets a circle of associates.

I’ll leave it there & not spoil the rest for you.


Art:8/10(the art in the panels is interesting the way it varies from page to page)
Story:9.5/10(some small criticism its nice to see the countdown of the years for the character in the story to the present, your math needs to be fixed up on the characters age, locations wouldn’t go astray & better character recognition, apart from that, stay on Jinxworld not on Superman/Action Comics).

I thought you said you dropped Bendis?

I have dropped Bendis onĀ  DC’s Superman/Action Comics run only, it does allow me to check out some of his other stories from Jinxworld, which comes off as its own world like Valiant Comics, Vertigo & Image Comics.

Another thing too, I’d rather try to find something I do like of Bendis to enjoy, than follow something of Brian Michael Bendis, I don’t enjoy.

Big Thanks to my LCS & to Brian Michael Bendis & crew at Jinxworld.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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