Comic Review:The Joker/Daffy Duck DC Crossover #1

Why Tho Theriouth?

This issue begins in the Last Laugh Comedy Club in Gotham City, with the Joker telling a couple of Jokes, his goons are present in the bar with him & a commotion begins.

With a quick appearance of Batman on the scene, we move into a panel of Daffy Duck who talking on the phone to an automated answering system.

We next see Daffy Duck at an ACME building checking inside it, only to come across The Joker attacking a random stranger called Boris, only to finally encounter Daffy Duck, who takes on the role to work with The Joker as one of his Henchman.

I’ll leave it for now, so you can spoil yourself with it.



Big Thanks to my LCS & to DC Comics creators who worked on this comic.

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