Comic Review:The New World #2

Read #1 to grasp this world

Before I begin this review for #2, I’d recommend you read issue one to understand the environment of this world, which is Post Apocalyptic America, broken into 3 parts, with a mix of Hunger Games, The Truman Show & the audience turned into Judge Jury & Executioner of people the to which 2 Law enforcement members of that world are sought to seek & destroy.

Time to begin, this part of the story starts where 1 of the main protagonists in the story has now been chosen to be hunted down & possibly executed, Kirby who is looking through a peep hole in the home door, about to be swatted by Logan Maximus who is also a Judge Dread type hunter in this, communicates with his Dad, Stella who has made the connection of someone she made love with in the previous issue, is upset with the systems use of preying upon random people for the sake of entertainment.

A couple of pages ahead, we see Kirby & his dad driving away from the house, only to have Kirby turn his Dads steering wheel away from someone who he was going to hit with the vehichle, Logan Maximus manages to apprehend Kirby, as Stella subdues him with a gun she carries.

The art in this is very well thought out, along with the story, I hope I get to review the last issue of this when it comes out.


  • Cover:7/10
  • Art:7.5/10
  • Story:8/10

Big Thanks to my LCS & to the creators of this at Image Comics.

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