Comic Review: Batgirl #25

1st Batgirl review

A Big thanks to 2 comic shops this week for this issue of Batgirl to review, 1 had the regular, the other was able to get me a copy of the variant, in this I’ll review 2 of the stories in it.

March Madness

Paul Dini starts us off at Menagerie Media, with Batgirl kicking a guy in Cat costume, throwing a smoke bomb into the face of 2 people in furry costumes trying to capture her.
Talking with a guard at the location, she makes her way out of the room to find March Harriet, who is having a furry party, only, with her encounter with March Harriet, the furries in the room, along with Batgirl end up falling asleep, to which March Harriet after Batgirl wakes up, shares a story with her to how her Magazine came about, as we learn how the Mad Hatter had his hand involved in her life.

Thats only one of the stories that are in their, I did like the editing making reference to a comic shown in this Batgirl issue, as well as paying attention to places & locations.


Cover 1:9/10
Cover 2:9/10

Big Thanks to both of the LCS to which I got the main & the variant cover of Batgirl #25 & Thanks to the writers & creators at DC Comics who gave us this issue.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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