Comics Review: The Teriffics #7

Tom Strong & The Terrifics Part 1

We begin the 1st page of Millennium City being attacked by a villain called The Reich, to which Tom Strong appears to try an subdue the villain, with the catastrophic damage caused  by the Villain, he finally subdues The Reich.

We soon come to learn that Tom Strong has a daughter, named Tesla at his hideout, only to encounter another Villain to which his name is unknown.

Moving into the next pages we return to Stagg Mansion on Earth-0 seeing Plastic Man & Phantom Girl make their way to catch up with Mr Terrific, with Metamorpho is now in his normal human form, the editing done by Paul here is good reminding us the reader, that The Terrifics can’t be more than a Mile Apart without exploding.

I’ll leave it their so you can spoil yourself with the rest of the story.


Story:8.5/10(The Location of Millennium City in the DC Universe in this wouldn’t go astray, if it is in the Dark Multiverse, which Dark Multiverse is it in? apart from that the editing & showing comic reference points were good)

Big Thanks to my LCS & to DC Comics for this issue of The Terrifics.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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