Comic Review:Man Of Steel #6

Part 6

As we begin this issue for review, we see Jon Samuel Kent(Superboy) on the very 1st page, the word bubbles in this series, really need to be fixed up, with the overlap I have seen of them in previous issues.

As Jon speaks he makes mention of something he heard in the Super Sons Of Tomorrow Arc, which is available right now in Tradepaperback, which came from Tim Drake, as I also noticed once again, no reference to that story arc within this run, this is not the 1st time it has showed up in this run, as addressing the Oz Effect with bringing Jor El back.

The feeling I get from Bendis in this story, is that he wants to try and bring Jor El into a bit of Redemption arc, by using his Sons Son to give him some history around his Family from his Dads side.

With the Rogol Zaar plot left unsolved in this, as well with Jor El, the stories for both should’ve been Clearer, the Family situation could have been covered in the 1st 2 issues for this series, whilst the rest of this series, learning the motivations around Rogol Zaar.

I do love seeing the family together in this issue & I want to see them back together again as it has me wondering, what did Jon have in his Draw, that he didn’t want Damian to see, seeing he is the only character on the Teen Titans, who did want Superboy to be a Member on the team & feels like Bendis ignored that fact in the Super Sons Of Tomorrow Arc.

I do plan on reviewing the 1st issue of Superman & Action Comics 1001 by Bendis, because Supermans Family element has made him a Stronger character, that Jurgens & Tomasi have helped Solidify which lead to a wonderful Super Sons series Arc.

I understand this Man Of Steel run will be coming out in Hardcover, not really interested in getting it, if it was in paperback, possibly.

Now its time for the Rating.



Big thanks to my LCS & to DC Comics Brian Michael Bendis an to the artists that went out of there way in this series.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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