Comic Review:DeathStroke #33

The Good Son

As we move into the 4th Part of this run in Deathstroke we see Damian Wayne & Slade Wilson in a car together, going towards a target, we see Damian & Slade arguing & discussing the issue of Paternity, Slade still holds the results are fake, an Damian in his disguise, is irritating him calling him his Dad.

As they approach the target, they get changed into their main uniforms, then we move into what looks like a Hotel/Motel/Apartment, Damian has already scoped out who is in the area, as Slade just wants to relax and wait.

The next couple of Panels then take place at a Bike shop, to which we encounter a villain by the name of Nightshade.

The art in this issue, explores some dark areas such as brokenness within a child, plus the issue of trust.

Christopher Priest has definitely pulled my heart strings in this series, I am happy with the ending of this issue, to which I won’t spoil.

2 more issues left to this series & I would definitely want the Tradepaperback for this arc.


Cover 1:9/10
Cover 2:10/10

Big Thanks to my LCS & to Christopher Priest of DC Comics.

Lets Keep It Colorful!


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